Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My shy little girl!

Do you think my little girl Coco would look at the camera for this shot.....NO WAY....not even for a second!  She is such a sweet little thing and looks so girlie and cute with her bow and long hair.  Will post a picture of her sister Poppy when I finally get her to sit still....LOL!!  She has ants in her pants!

Audrey in copics!

Some of you may know of my accreditation in Copic instructing.....I do love this form of coloring!
This card was made for a niece in Australia....she is an Audrey Hepburn tragic! Audrey truly was one classy lady!

Convention Gift!

This is not the greatest photograph.....hopefully you will get the drift!  It is a recessed picture frame with a tiny strapless dress adorned with pearls and hand rolled roses.  Turned out cute I think.  This gift was for my amazing upline, Becky Roberts......a very girlie fix!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's about time!!

I really is about time I posted again!  Sadly, my computer skills are not fantastic.....bare with me as I try and remember all the steps needed to get started! Of course I am way behind with the latest catalog updates but a couple of weeks and everything should be good.
Next week I am off to the 25th Stampin'Up convention in Salt Lake looking forward to meeting new and catching up with old friends! It is always an exciting time!

Following my trip home to Australia, we decided to buy another home here in Idaho.....we were getting tired of the stairs! Our new place is on one level, which is really nice. However, had forgotten just how much work is involved in a brand new place.....blinds, drapes, gardens etc! All completed now including my craft room. No excuses for lack of posting!

Will hopefully get some great pictures in SLC, and will also post pictures of my swaps! Have a fabulous week!